Let It Flow

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We manage businesses, lead teams, run families, and raise kids. We get ish done! But the one thing we commonly miss is letting our feelings flow.


Whenever something painful or negative pops into our heads we run or do anything we can to move past it. In our quest to exude strength and perseverance we push our feelings away.

We are conditioned to think that the goal should always be to feel good. We think having negative feelings is bad. We try to control our emotions with hopes of having a better life. Maybe if we refuse to feel the negative we will by default be happier. We think focusing on our feelings makes us a victim to them.

A friend suggested thinking about our feelings as clouds. Sometimes they are light airy, and full of hope. Other times they are gray and dismal and make you feel heavy. Whatever the make-up of the clouds (feelings) in the day, they exist, but you don’t have to  pull them from the sky. You don’t have to act on your feelings or avoid them. Just feel them. No judgement.



Most of the time our feelings will pass rather quickly if we just flow threw them. Instead of avoiding the feeling of anger, grab a journal and write what you are angry about. What happened to trigger this emotion? As you “let it flow”, the physical tension will subside.
Practice validating your feelings, by being present in the moment. Honoring your feelings and letting them flow freely creates wholeness, it breeds authenticity.
When you accept your feelings without judgement you give them permission to melt away.


honor your emotions

1 thought on “Let It Flow

  1. Great advice, I think we should let them flow, because most times we ignore, magnify or let them control us.

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