Morning Rituals

My morning rituals have become an important part of my day. It is here that I reaffirm my purpose and get focused on being intentional. Those first few hours set the tone for the rest of the day. I’ve had to ease into making my rituals a habit. The hardest part was getting up earlier. When that alarm goes off at 5:00 am some mornings, I want to crawl back in bed. Creating a routine for my mornings has proven to be valuable. The more I practice these steps the easier they have become. The mornings are the best time to get ahead of your day. It’s the perfect time for some “me time”. The perfect morning rituals will have you looking and feeling good. It’s a space for you to secure your oxygen mask before you run off maneuvering through your day. It me a while to settle on the best time for me to start. Initially I was ambitious and set my clock for 4:00 am. After several mornings of repeatedly hitting the snooze button, I realized my ambition was working against me. You’ll need to try a few things before settling into the rituals that serve you best. To help get you started here are a few ideas I’ve tried.

Stretch it out

I’m not saying you have to do a full series of yoga poses but adding a few stretches to your morning routine has its benefits. You work out those kinks that settled in overnight, increase your blood flow and kickstart your energy.

 Hydrate your body

I’m sure you’ve heard about the know the benefits of water. So, it’s easy to understand how drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning could be so important. Try committing to 8 ounces each morning to remove toxins and boost your metabolism.


 Fuel your spirit

My morning prayer and devotion ritual fuels my spirit. It gets me focused on living intentionally and strengthens my relationship with God. I read from the bible and my daily devotionals and write down any thoughts or things that inspire me.


 Exercise your mind

Add a little exercise for the mind to your morning rituals. Read few pages of a personal development book or catch up on the news. To save time try listening to a podcast on your commute to work instead of the radio.

Work that body

I’ll admit it, this is another hard one for me. Kudos to the sisters who enjoy working out, and those that hate it but do it anyway. Let’s face it we must move our bodies! Start out with 20 minutes each morning to get your blood pumping and boost those endorphins. You might even lose a few pounds! Follow your workout with a healthy breakfast. Coffee does not count! Try overnight oats or some fun smoothie recipes if you are looking for something quick.

Positive affirmations

A morning affirmation ritual is a way to steer our minds away from negative thoughts and keep us focused on positivity and growth. It gives power to our strengths and positive attributes. We are encouraging the good in ourselves and fueling our spirits to tackle the day. Try this site for some good ideas to get started.

Review your plan

If you don’t have a plan for your day one will be created for you. You may find yourself exhausted after a busy day of taking care of everyone else’s priorities while neglecting the things that will move you forward. Each morning, spend some time reviewing your planner or to do list. Make any necessary edits and be sure you’ve carved out time to act on your goals.

Set yourself up for success

Take a few minutes each night to prepare for your mornings. Set out your work out clothes. Place your planner, devotionals and journals all in one place for easy access. Find a podcast for your morning commute or a news source for your daily mind rituals. Create a trial schedule for your first try. Will you work out or complete your spiritual rituals first? The most effective morning ritual plans are the ones that are personalized by you! Feel free to select a few from my suggestions and add your own.

Do you have a set of morning rituals? I’d love you hear what you do to set your day up for success. Drop a comment on my Facebook page and share how you set up your mornings or what you plan to try.











1 thought on “Morning Rituals

  1. Okay so I love this because I also have such a hard time waking up in the morning BUT when I do wake up early, I feel so energized and happy! I like Mel Robbins’ “5 second rule.” It’s such a great thing to keep in mind and be able to spring out of bed! Great post, Xx!

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