Falling in Love

Falling in Love.jpg
Self-care is a popular topic on social media and in our sister circles. It is not uncommon to hear, “Girl you gotta take care of you”, or “I need some me time”, in many of our conversations. What does it mean to care for yourself? As busy as we are cooking, caring for the house and family, working, and pushing towards our dreams; self-care often loses to everything else on the to-do list. Nobody has time for a bubble bath when the kids need to eat!

The good news is the foundation for self–care doesn’t call for you to add another “thing” to the list. In fact, this part of your journey requires something fun and beautiful. Falling in Love with You! What does it mean to love yourself? Is putting yourself first selfish when you have so many responsibilities? Loving yourself is different from being selfish or conceited. It means caring about, taking responsibility for, and respecting yourself. It means accepting yourself and coming to terms with those things about you that you can’t or won’t change. Lack of self-confidence holds you back from loving yourself fully. While you might not fully identify with the term, we can all recognize with some of these behaviors.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to excel in life, but the need to do everything right sets us up for failure.

Negative Self Talk

Typically, you are your biggest hater! “I’m not qualified for that job yet”, “I will never be able to live in that neighborhood”, “If I was a better ______ he would love me”. How many times have you talked yourself right out of your purpose?

Keeping the peace

Have we denied or minimized the things we need for the sake of our relationships? Do you frequently prioritize the needs of others over your needs?

That stops today. Today you stop settling. Today you start playing an active role in your life. Today you stop chasing the you that others want to see and start pursuing the YOU that is inside. Ladies, this self – love thing is real; without it you will miss the opportunity to create authentic relationships, you’ll consistently put the needs of others before yours. And most importantly you will end this journey wondering what your best life would have looked like.


You deserve to love yourself.

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