Authentic Living


The main purpose of this blog is to inspire women on their Best Life Journey (BLJ). A major step in that journey is to live authentically. Authentic living simply put is living your life not someone else’s. It is putting you 1st. It is honoring your voice and taking responsibility for your life.


Self-awareness is the 1st step in this process. Being confident in the articulation of who you are is vital to living a fulfilling life. So, who are you? Many of us use our roles or title to define ourselves. Daughter, wife, mother entrepreneur etc. But that is simple your job title or the relationships you have. Those things don’t express the authentic you. To get to the true core of who we are we must spend time alone listening to our very quiet inner voices. Consider carrying a journal and write down your thoughts, feelings and reactions to external elements. Are you honoring yourself in your everyday actions or fitting assumed or imposed roles? Try completing the following statements:
I am…
I have…
I need…
I believe…


Seek out feedback from your trusted tribe. Ask your peers, friends, and family about their perceptions. How would they complete the statements above for you? Look at the differences between who you are and how you are perceived. Did you say you were a great cook and your husband said you needed cooking classes? The gaps you identify will help you begin to craft your growth plan.

Forgiveness and Compassion

Sis, this won’t be easy. Anything worth having requires work and some discomfort. As you move through this BLJ; setting and smashing your goals, revealing the authentic you, valuing your voice and knowing your worth, remember to practice self-compassion. Be your own BFF. Agree to deal with yourself with the same compassion that you would your best friend. Provide an honest assessment of your progress, setbacks, and fears and celebrate the journey as you go along.

Taking the journey towards ourselves is the hardest journey we have to make in this life and yet the most courageous”
― Mimi Novic

Keep Track Not Score

Keep in mind growing is what life is all about. If you are not growing you are dying. Let’s face it you will not hit every milestone by its due date or progress without setbacks. Fear, doubt, and slipping back into old habits will happen. The grass will appear greener in someone else’s yard. Someone will always be richer, have a better job, well behaved children, an amazing marriage etc., but you are NOT to keep score. Worry bout’ Yourself! Focus on your journey and find joy in your commitment to live the best!


2 thoughts on “Authentic Living

  1. This is amazing, inspiring, empowering and pure truth….We all have a life journey and it is our responsibility to live the best version of it. Thank you for directing my attention to living my BLF authentically and unapologetically so! YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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