Throw Away That Crystal Ball

Last night I was talking to my daughter about life and her future and she reflected on how much easier life was when the next steps were already planned for her. In our early years our family and society serve as that crystal ball laying out the next steps for a perceived ‘best life”. When she graduated from high school, college was the obvious next step. Graduation, the job of her dreams, marriage a family, you know the story. I wish it was that simple! We all seek assurance that the decisions we make (or the ones we don’t) will lead us down the path of success and happiness. Every sister reading this has at one time or another sought out her “crystal ball”
Truth is, the plan or the path is inside of you. Searching for direction, affirmation, or motivation from others is like sailing in a boat with no motor or oars. We get tossed around or knocked off our square every time the wind blows, or we get caught in a storm. There is nothing wrong with seeking counsel from our cabinet, but we cannot turn our role models into idols that we worship. We must create and trust our internal compasses to guide us to the next level.


Your future is up to you. You design it. You are accountable for it. It is your responsibility to create it. You are the captain of your ship and only you can chart the course. You just need the motor – vation to start your journey.


The magic is inside of you. There ain’t no crystal ball — Dolly Parton




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